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Used in audio frequency amplifier-It is used like medium power switches-AF or RF circuits-Switching loads based on high current up to 15A-Used in low slew rate devices-Circuits based on push-pull configuration-High power-based audio circuits-Circuits that operate with high current-High fidelity based audio circuits-Voltage regulator circuit-In medium power-based circuits-These power transistors are mainly used in 200W rated Stereo systems which respond from 5Hz to 100 kHz frequencies with 0.75Vrms of sensitivity.-These transistors are applicable in audio applications due to their less S/N ratio & low harmonic distortion.
2SA1943 2SC5200
نام تولیدکننده: Original
استاندارد بسته‌بندی: TO-264
در حال سفارش 0
انبار شرکت 10
موجودی چین 0

10 در انبار

حداقل سفارش: 1
مضرب: 1

تعداد قیمت اینترنتی
1 156,000 تومان
2+ 156,000 تومان
مشخصات محصول
تولیدکننده Original
دسته‌بندی محصول Transistor
Mounting Style Through Hole
بسته‌بندی TO-264
Vds 140 V
Id 10 A
نوع بسته‌بندی Tube
حالت کانال Enhancement
نوع محصول Transistor
زیرشاخه دسته‌بندی Transistor
Part # Aliases 2SA1941 2SC5198
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